Dr. Chatree Duangnet

Most of my life was dedicated to patient focused quality, safety and ethical care. I spent the last 40 years studying, training, practicing and managing quality & safety & ethical medicine in the United States and in Thailand. Currently I am the Executive Advisor to the President of the Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Company Limited (BDMS) in Bangkok, Thailand. This public healthcare company is more than 45 years old and is the largest private hospital group in Thailand in terms of revenues and market capitalization. Currently BDMS owns and operates 45 hospitals and soon, we plan to have 50 hospitals with approximately 8.000 private beds serving people in Thailand and upper ASEAN countries. We are operating by ten “Center of Excellence Hub-and-Spoke” subgroups plus the extensive vertical network companies to provide shared services to ensure efficient and effective operations of the network and strategic alliance members.

Because of the size of the group, we need to have many dimensions of standardizations including quality & safety patient care. The Corporate Infection Prevention and Control is one of the most important standardizations we have been implementing in all of our hospitals in the last 5 years.

Personally, I have known Thomas and Oliver since 2007 due to cooperation and projects in medical quality management. It has been my joy and honor to know doctors who are strongly passionate in quality and patient safety care.

In daily clinical life, infection prevention and treatment is of great importance to all healthcare practitioners in all departments. As for Joint Commission International from the USA and other major quality & safety global accreditation bodies, Infection Control is one of the top International Patient Safety Goals, which are considered the most important standards in managing hospitals for proper caring of patients.

Without the infection prevention and control program, an organization cannot call itself a healthcare provider. When we look into today’s global / mobile society, the terms tropical and travel medicine are not suitable anymore since goods and people move freely and globally, so do the globalization of pathogens. For healthcare personnel working in clinical environments worldwide, a global compendium of infectious diseases and appropriate treatment is still missing. Using the information provided in this book, you will find out that it is something the authors aims to supply.

We have been using a similar database from Doctors Thomas Ly and Oliver Gries for the last 3 years and more than 1.5 million international patients from over 160 countries treated in the BDMS network hospitals annually, have benefitted from the application. We are very happy and proud to be able to provide access to the beneficial contents for patients together with the authors for a long time to come.

Chatree Duangnet, M.D., FAAP. FACURP.
Executive Advisor to the President, BDMS

September 2018